John Maynard Keynes and Immanuel Kant Meet At Maw’s Produce; Foscoe, NC

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John Maynard Keynes was a famous economist who may have had an insight into the Law of Supply and Demand. Immanuel Kant was a Prussian philosopher who may had an insight into the ethics of duty and conscience. These 2 theoretical giants would be exceedingly pleased at the homemade vegetable soup stand at Maw's Produce in Foscoe near Grandfather Mountain. The "captain of bisque" is a gracious silver-haired gal who may or not be the original Maw. Once a month (usually 3rd Thursday of the month) she will set out her classic vegetable soup (around 60-80 quarts.) By Saturday, the shelves will be cleared. Ms. Maw is community and tourist sensitive, so there is a 2 quart limit per person. Otherwise, her enchanting vegetable elixir would be gone within a couple of hours. If by chance, you are picking up soup for yourself and another party, Maw may check your story, even if it means following you out to your car to see some proof. This real-life gumbo experience is ten-times better than the soup-dude on Seinfield.

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