Laird Hamilton Spotted Surfing In Gucchi’s…

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The Beach Boy's image of the Endless Summer of surfing has been upgraded and fully capitalized. No longer the shaggy sun-bleached hair, Ray-Bans, a longboard called "Spoiler" or "Javelin," cut off jeans, and zinc oxide on the nose for one's full inventory; surfing is now a serious enterprise. Take Ron Jon Surf shop: Started in 1961 on the Jersey Shore selling surfboards out of something resembling a "single-wide," Ron Jon is now a multi-multi million dollar company with every imaginable beach and surf accessory conceived of. Their flagship store in Cocoa Beach, Florida is 4-levels high, 50,000 square feet, and open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They even have a Ron Jon Resort (Cape Caribe) and their own bottled water. The surfing cult documentary "Endless Summer" can finally be realized at Ron's, but not if you are just a "beach bum." But if you add a lot of VISA plastic along with your zinc oxide in your tote, you'll have FULL "bummin'" privileges!

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