Latest Doctoral Program: Explaining Rock Music Genre Labels

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Reading over some of the names of rock music genre (style) today is like trying to interpret the bizarre novel "Ulysses" by Irish author James Joyce. OK, here is a sample: Punk rock, Indie rock, Shoegazing (Huh?), Garage rock, Noise rock (not to be confused with Noise Pop), Dream Pop (Huh?) Neo-psychedelia (I kind of like the old psychedelia…), Electronic, Experimental rock, Ambient, Alternative rock, Grunge rock, Hardcore punk (which is supposedly different from Hard rock and Punk rock…) OK, I won't even attempt to get into the layers of Heavy Metal genres… Gosh, do you think Amadeus would be surprized a little. Fortunately, for me, I just found the best Pandora station…Simply titled "Classical to Study By." It's not to intense, but rich enough. I'm afraid to even try "Shoegazing." Maybe, I'll wait till "Neo-Shoegazing" comes on the scene.

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