Leadership That Worked!!

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Tom Izzo has been the Head Basketball Coach at Michigan State for the last 17 years. He has been incredibly successful at the helm and even won the National Championship in 2000. But yesterday afternoon offered a true glimpse into why Izzo is such a great leader and it wasn't in his normal setting of hardwood, but rather at MSU's football stadium. When the game was halted by lightning, it seemed that the Spartan students were unwilling to evacuate the stadium during MSU's game with South Florida. Out of nowhere, Izzo jumps out onto the field and grabs a mike and proceeds to talk to the defiant students as if he was sitting down with them at Starbucks. Amazing! He used a charisma and winsomeness of the Dalai Lama. He stayed upbeat and even said if the students would graciously leave the complex, he would sit in the middle of their section as soon as the game resumed. Who wouldn't follow this guy! ! And, yes, they gladly evacuated.

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