Little Old Ant Moves Rubber Tree

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Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra sang the song "High Hopes" about the ant that finally moved the rubber tree. I'm quessing rubber trees are tricky to move. Anyway, move over Thomas Edison and make room for "almost retirement age" (64) Diana Nyad. Edison is one of the torch bearers for "stick-to-it-iveness" with the classic 10,000th try in discovering the light bulb filament. But how bout Ms. Nyad's "ant-to-rubber tree" feat. OK. In her first attempt to swim from Cuba-to-Key West in 1978, she was 29 years old. Failure. Now, 35 years older (age 64) and 4 attempts later, she is only a few miles away from succeeding in touching the shore of Key West. She may not dance up to the First Aid station, but that's OK. Everybody else will be dancing for her.

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