Lovin’ Your Enemies? Are You Crazy?

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In His Sermon on the Mount, Christ confronted his disciples to do the unnatural, unconvential thing by loving one's enemies and blessing those who have harmed you. HUH? Is He crazy? What about my boundaries? What about me NOT being an ENABLER? What about me giving that scoundrel the impression that his mistreatment was OK? What about me NOT always being a DOORMAT? What about…? What about…? What about…? OK, I think we're missing the point. We don't throw reason and fair play down the toilet. Rather, I think what Christ is drilling into here is how easily friends, family, co-workers, Rotary Club members, etc get put into our "slam book" because of those normal life offenses. Before long, most of us are walking around with Medieval coats of armor on…80 lbs of meshed mail doesn't do much for freedom or approachability! OK, maintain the fairplay, integrity and reason, but keep a gracious, kind disposition towards those who have wounded you. Who knows, they probably wounded you cause their own armor was chaffing and blistering their own tender skin.

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