Ls/Mft “Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco”

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Aren't Acronyms the best?! Back in the 60's the American Tobacco Company bandied this catchy acronym to keep us thinking seriously about "Luckies." Funny, when I went to the Final Four in late sixties someone had made a big banner with this acronym; "LS/MFT – Lewis (Bob) Sets Miller (Larry) For Two!" {2 of the UNC Tar Heel greats- Bob Lewis still has the all time most points scored at 49 and this was before 3 pointers, I was in Carmicheal Aud. to witness it!} Now in the texting – twitter age, acronyms may have lost some of their panache, but I still love some of the classics! WYSYWYG – what you see is what you get, JEEP – Government Purpose/General Purpose vehicle (not to be cornfused with a Humvee – HMMWV – High Mobility, Multi Purposed Wheeled Vehicle!). How about RSVP, SCUBA, LASER, RADAR, 3M, BO (Body Odor) Not many people know that the old name for Exxon – "ESSO" was a clever twist of the acronym "SO" short for Standard Oil. Even ancient Rome used the acronym on their stuff,…SPQR, which is short for Senatus Populusque Romanus) Didn't Russel Crowe have that tatted on his arm?

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