Madison Avenue Learns About Personal Connecting

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Today, I just happened to watch two heavy hitters (Amazon and Nike) use the power of "personal connecting" in their ads. (Amazon-Kindle Fire with May Day Live Skype Tech support, Nike-LeBron B-ball Shoes.) Really Cool! In the Lebron ad, half of South Beach is drawn to follow him biking, swimming, jogging, hooping all over the town. You almost want to move to Miami to be a member of this organic Lebron tribe! With the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9, the tipping point is seeing the Wendy's-like girl pop up on your tab to hold your hand and guide you thru any media or tech concern. What a deal! You are no longer purchasing a product, but rather are being invited into an intimate fraternity. Two needs that are universal to mankind are being tapped here; To Belong and Be Cared About!

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