Money Doesn’t Have the Last Word, But It Should Have a Say!

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Just read where actor Matthew McConaughey turned down 15 million dollars in 2008 to play in the big screen reprise of Magnum, P.I.. Huh, must be nice to have that luxury. Yet, money isn't everything. Right? Consider heavy weight thinker G.K. Chesterton and his almost million copy seller "Orthodoxy" (published 1908). He sold this still revered book for 100 English Pounds ($158.00 US.) On the other hand, take our friend Rose 'Dawson' in movie Titanic. She thought it was the noble and romantic way to honor 4-day friend Jack by not selling the "Heart of the Ocean" blue diamond, but instead throwing it into ocean. Huh, let's see, with accumulated interest that rare diamond (though fictional, but akin to real Hope Diamond) was probably worth a half billion. Do you think Rose could have honored Jack by setting up a trust for the indigent surviving families of Titanic casualties? Anyway, can't take it with you and there is no net worth rating in the cemetery.

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