More Famous Than Jefferson At U. Va.

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What a great place to get a quick jog in… the glorious campus of the University of Virginia in Chalottesville. Serpentine walled gardens behind the historic colonnaded student housing. The majestic quad with the Jeffersonian Rotunda at the pinnacle. With so much lore surrounding the home of the Cavaliers, one could miss out on a very special Wahoo whose plague is outside the University Chapel. His name was Henry Martin and was born a slave on Monticello. He later found work at UVA and became as much a fixture waking students up and signalling class starts as bell ringer (faithfully done for 50 years) as the statues of the man who founded the school. It was said after his death in 1915 that he was known personally by more alumni than any other person. Though not the statesman or political genius as Jefferson, Martin knew the name of every student that walked the weathered brick paths during his long tenure on campus.

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