Move Over Inspiring Halloween Movies, Here Come Christmas Flicks

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Let's see, we got Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July, Christmas with the Cranks, Fred Claus, and Scrooged. OK, not bad, if you live on Pluto. Really, if the folks from Middle Earth came to America do you think they could find the Incarnation wrapped up in these touching cinemas? Christmas; the tweet version is an Immortal Creator chose to be morphed into a human…plain, simple, cut/dry. No Grandma getting pulverized by Santa's Sleigh. No Disco Ball on a young reindeers nose. Singer/songwriter Michael Card describes the Christmas event as a total mystery; a mother made by her own child (sounds bizarre…) But even more bizarre is an Infinite Being, who can toss a thousand galaxies into existence with a yawn, incarnating Himself into a microscopic embryo! No guilt-trippin here, just reporting the facts, mam… The hope of Christmas is not the good news that Best Buy will now be open at 6pm on Thanksgiving Day (so us normal folks can beat the neurotics on Black Friday,) but that God's disappearing act from glorious vistas a far off to "ant hill earth" actually means us guys can also experience a type of incarnation. As God incarnated His Son, He can incarnate our scar-tissued, troubled, confused hearts to a more healed, less anxious, purposeful one. And next time,Santa, make sure Rudolph sees Grandma when setting down…

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