Naked, Afraid, But Maybe Not Ashamed

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Americans have gone ape over the naked body!? It must be the "Greek" in us. The word "gym" where we took High School PE is from the Greek word for "naked" The Greeks somewhat saw the naked body as a sacred thing and could best be toned up doing Olympic sports, etc.^pErgo, "Hit the Gym" and "Become a Gym Rat"! OK, so what is the deal w/ the new reality show "Naked and Afraid?" This guy and gal (strangers to each other) try to survive for 21 days in the wild with just their birthday suits. Hope the gal is not a Playboy centerfold. OK, now there is ESPN's illustrious "Naked" issue. You've got pro hoop star John Wall sitting in a bathtub w/ soap suds covering his groin. Whats up w/ the dude who came up with the Stub Hub money tree scheme? Why is he standing next to the tree naked in the ESPN mag? Lauren Hutton just announced she will pose nude for photo op at age 61… We've come a long way from Eden where our grandparents A & E were conscience stricken over their realized nakedness and grabbed the first fig leaves available.

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