Platinum Good From This Ill Wind

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One of the 19th century Johnny Walker Scotch Whiskey ads stated, "It is an ill wind that blows nobody any good." This is one of those Rubric Cube kind of idioms probably meaning that most ill winds have some redemptive value, except the "ill-est of ill winds." The current Johnny Walker TV ad has done just that. Surprizingly, it's message content rivals that of Solomon, Aesop, Homer, and Confucius. As broadcasted from the premier Scotch maker tonight during the Heat-Clippers game, "Your entire life: every routine, every risk, every moment; the steps forward and steps back have led you to the "next step," and has the power to change everything AND it is where all the possibilities lie… THE "NEXT STEP" is the one that matters,…its lets you define yourself by where you're headed, instead of where you stand! So Keep Walking ! ! !" Great inspiration…I hope when people hears these golden nuggets of wisdom their "next step" will be to quit drinking ! ! !

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