Relaxing Lunch Until “Steve Wilkos Show” Begins

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In-between multi-tasking errands near Wendover and I-40, I slip into a Cajun Seafood place to refuel. Jambalaya was super! As I'm enjoying the moment, I'm throttled out of my French Quarter stupor by a raucous screech from the bar flat screen TV. Since it was late and I was the only patron, one of the waitresses had switched on "The Steve Wilkos Show." The Wilkos show falls into the part amateur mediation, part shock jock review. I was both a little uncomfortable and repulsed. In this episode a mom was verbally scalpelling her daughter for some malfaction. The older gal came across like a bouncer at a Truck Stop. Within minutes she had reduced her daughter to a pile of helpless mortality. I was embarrassed as the camera would pan the audience who were watching this travesty live. As I quickly paid my bill (fortunately I had cash…) the show security had led the suffering young girl into a back room only to be stalked by the seething frothing mom. I may hit Harris Teeter deli and eat in the car next time…

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