Robinson Crusoe; the Grateful Minimalist

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In "Orthodoxy" GK Chesterton points to pre-Castaway Tom Hanks figure Robison Crusoe to make a point about gratitude. In Defoe's Classic and prototype "adventure" novel, Crusoe becomes ecstatic over the each piece of gear he rescues from the shipwreck near Trinidad. Since he is cut off from the Wal-Marts and Food Lions, he is forced to either be thankful for his simple lot or howl in raging disgust for his plight. He chooses the former and takes giddy delight that he is able to discharge his black powder gun. Quite paradoxically, it was the stripping away of every creature comfort that transformed Crusoe's attitude. Elisabeth Elliot, wife of martyred missionary Jim Elliot, cites the joy her daughter exhibited in playing for hours on end with an assortment of sticks, rocks and other jungle objects while living in Ecuador during the 50's-60's. Joy sans Grand Theft Auto 5 or the Candy Crush app! ! !

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