Rock, Paper, Scissors

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You have to admit, scissors are probably the coolest tool ever. Across the world, these clipper things have gotten more mileage using Archimedes Law of Leverage than any other piece of equipment.. They've been around for thousands of years. Da Vinci tweaked his pair. I love the "guaranteed for life" Cutco Super Shears (about $130 at Amazon). Kind of the Maserati of scissors. Not only are snippers cool, but they teach us about maximizing partnership. Regardless of how sharp I might be (or think I am), I will never accomplish what I could without my "opposing" blade. Instead of griping about my partner's faults, (dull, rusty, doesn't fit well) I can quadruple my output when I help sharpen my fellow scissor, while moving in harmony with just the right balance and tension. HMMM, I'm putting in a bid on Ebay for a Cutco…

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