Semantics !

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"Let's not argue about semantics" your friend implores…but the odd thing about that question is no one really even knows what "semantics" means. In the Navy, the use of that flashing light device at night was called "semaphore." In other words: SIGN, SIGNAL. Ergo, semantics and semaphore deal with signs. OK, here's the deal. If you want to quibble about something, "SIGN" meaning would be worthwhile, don't you think? Let's see, the SIGN says Flight 276 departs from Gate 9, Concourse C… kind of important. How about the two signs that indicate "MEN", "WOMEN" restrooms? Or "Do Not Disturb" hanging outside your Hotel room? Getting the straight scoop on semantics is not a bad thing to debate, wouldn't you think??

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