Somethings Gotta Give, Really! !

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In the movie "Somethings Gotta Give" Jack Nicholson tells Diane Keaton, "I've never lied to you,…I've always told you some version of the truth." Cool script work for a clever comedy, but when a fellow is able to make millions of dollars thru infomercials exhorting some "version of the truth" then somethings gotta give! Several weeks ago a certain dude was jailed for a day for civil contempt in regard to court's judgment that he pay back 37 million dollars to infomercial customers. OK, this cat has been running this same lame (though uber-profitable) version of the truth gig for some 15 years. Books on Natural Healing and Dieting sold millions, yet they were spam… Alright, how about the killer combo of Law of Attraction joining forces with the G.I.N. (Global Info. Network) comprised of 15 of the shrewdest, savviest, inner-inner circle zillionaires in the world who for a fee will be thrilled to help you get to where they are… OK, who's at more fault here? This styrofoam Trojan Horse jockey or us gullible insomniacs actually buying his junk?

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