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ABC's new reality show "Splash" is rife with ocean's of human blind siding that could never be choreographed. It confronts 10 celebrities to learn and then gyrate in front of millions of TV viewers some form of respectable dive into an Olympic pool. WOW, is this the dream test for psychoanalysts. Let's see: you've got water (womb issues), bathing suits (am I buff?), self-esteem/confidence (I've never been out of the shallow end in my life, much less jumped off the low board!) coachability issues (Gold medalist "Splash trainer" Greg Louganis obviously can ferret out your attempts at not working on your form) and lastly, the past scars of being held under water as a kid by the pool bully. What a coup for this employee at ABC who submitted this theme after remembering pushing a despised manager into the pool at a company party.

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