Sport’s ‘Choke’ Report, Movie “Flight” and G.K. Chesterton

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Recent study reports that when finely-tuned athletes over-think (like w/ 3 seconds to go in game) they tend to 'choke' their own gifted instinctiveness. The proof of this article may be found in movie "Flight" starring Denzel Washington as addict pilot 'Whip' Whitmore. Because Pilot 'Whip" was drunk during the tail fin malfunction, all he had to rely on was his instinct. Therefore, he was nimble enough to invert the jet and then re-invert it before crash landing. When 10 other pilots tried to reproduce the feat of foggy "Whip" using a Flight Simulator, they all failed. HMMM? In his book, Orthodoxy, GK Chesterton articulates the same interpretation. He posits that when a person confronts life with straight reason, that person tends towards skepticism. (hardening of categories) But when a person treats life with more imagination, romance and mystery, that person is freer to flow more successfully amidst the shredded tail fins and high-pressure games of life.

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