Success…No Other Way Around It!

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Whatever it is; losing weight, doing an Ironman Triathlon, learning Mandarin, reconciling a broken relationship or even a marriage, building a Fortune 500 company, or whatever… there are some absolutes that have to be sacredly done with verve and vigor. 1.) Must have your goal clearly identified cause once the suffering and monotomy kick in, the first thing we will want to do is downsize what our target is. 2.) Gutty partners to answer to. If we know that several hard ball folks are going to keep us honest, this too will keep us in the crucible 10 times longer. Otherwise, we will come up with just the right excuse to get us out of this Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) thing. 3.) Involvement in a legit community of co-pilgrims who will encourage and support us. Lonesome doves will remain just that: Lonesome and Dove-like. 4.) Tons of Forgiveness. There will bunches of shortfalls, longfalls and wipeouts. OK, simply part of the process. Forgive yourself, dust off the slime and get back into the quest.

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