Taken 3 – You and Me!

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There are plans for the Three-quel of the movies "Taken" and Taken 2." Liam Neeson may pick up a soft 20 mil for his reprise as retired covert operator Bryan Mills. I love the title of these flics; "Taken," because thats what the paying public is – TAKEN. Really, Bryan, ! "very particular set of skills acquired over a long career of black ops…" Then explain this,… why would someone with your skill level allow your daughter (still in major therapy from the trauma ACQUIRED in "Taken 1") and your Ex-Wife (how do you spell D-Y-S-F-U-N-K-S-U-N?) anywhere remotely near a country that has 3 chapters of the Albanian-Turkish Brotherhood Cultural and Solidarity Association. Uhhh?@! Bryan, guess who kidnapped your daughter for slavery and what ethnic group you almost decimated in Paris. Ergo, I think the one skill you forgot to acquire along the way was common sense!

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