Text W/Out Context Is Pretext For Proof Text

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Gingerly weighing in on Miami Dolphins media firestorm, again it points up to the radical difference in taking a text (whether a literal text or any spoken/written content) in its true setting or judging a text on its own merit. The National Football League in its natural environment is a dangerous place to work, ranking up there with lumberjacking, "Deadliest Catch", US military service and law enforcement. Recently, running back Tony Dorsett shared he has complications from head trauma he experienced during his 12 years in the league. The horror stories are endless of the "after pro career" debilitations of once-looked-upon "invincibles." If you or I were working in this arena, "war-cry" bantering would be normal. If your house is on fire and there are 2 children inside, nobody is concerned about "political correctness" at that moment. Outside of this rather extreme background, the raw, edgy verbiage wouldn't fit or be appropriate, but inside of this dangerous platform the phraseology takes on a whole other interpretation. That is why the fair thing to do here is to look at the text in its "context," otherwise we all fall prey to someone's pretext or proof text.

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