That Quirky Addictive Escape

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As we try to work on living with meaning and purpose, we wonder if it is worth it. Our senses and ego keep holding our soul hostage as it soldiers on in its attempt at virtue. We get exasperated when after 10 years of dedicated effort, we still can't stop overeating M & M's or crullers at Dunkin Donuts. Why is it always "2 Steps Forward, 3 Back." So in my desperation I start stalking those empty caloric sights of Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Snap Chat, Craigslist, ESPN, & Fox News to lift me up. Those smorgasbord hotspots are not bad in themselves until they begin to interpret reality for us. Reality just doesn't work well if its about instant visual and social glamour. This type of experience is really only lived at DisneyWorld.

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