The Greater Legacy

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As a friend and I milled around the Greensboro Coliseum well after the 1974 NCAA men's Final Four were over, we were approached by 2 tall gentlemen seeking a lift to their car. One of the guys was Maryland head coach Lefty Driesel, and his former assistant George Raveling, who had become head coach at Washington State. Raveling would have a good run at head coaching totalling over 330 wins in 22 years. But he might say his most glorious moment was when he was 26 and he happened to be standing in the perfect spot at a perfect moment in time. While serving as a security guard at one of the stairs leading to the stage, he was handed a typewritten speech by the speaker as he walked past George. Now a half century later, Raveling has in his possession the "I Have a Dream" speech that Dr. King placed in his hands exactly 50 years ago today.

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