The Limping, Feeble ‘Straw Man’

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Gandhi hinted that he may have become a Christian had it not been for the hypocrisy of other Christians. Brennan Manning said that it was the hypocrisy of Christians that helped contribute to the cause of atheism. OK, could you put a little titanium in these 'straw men' arguments? Shucks, Jesus Himself was always getting slammed for some glaring weakness… (madness, blasphemy, bad friends, unauthorized Temple control, promoting cannibalism) OK, we got it…Christ followers can be knuckleheads. Maybe that's the whole point. Mortals need a different nature from the screwed-up one they have. God is negotiating that concern by slowly chiseling out the defective one for the nature of His Son. Mahatma and Brennan, don't freak that most of us are still in surgery!

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