The “Mole” Was Outed In the “Visual Thesaurus!”

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A couple of nites ago I was again made aware of my Jurassic age when a teenage friend mentioned a somewhat new street drug named "Molly." OK, HUH? What's "Molly"? She said I should be more informed as this new drug is also sung and rapped about… OK. So on to the "Visual Thesaurus" I travel and discover there are oodles of words and ideas related to the "Mole/Molly" family tree. Lets see: 6 types of 'moles," 1 gangster 'moll' (taken from Irish slang of Molly as in bad biker chick kind of gal) mollycoddle (taken from verb 'mollify-to soften') and then Batman's asst. Robin's expression "Holy Moly" Could be that words are no longer words when there isn't a common denominator to help interpret them. Maybe the new college degree would be Teaching English as a Second Language to Americans!

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