The Real “Inner” Circle of Friends

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Recently, author/speaker Margaret Feinberg Originally posted a discussion question on her web site that asked the question; "what is your source of joy?" Poignant inquiry considering she was just diagnosed with cancer while not yet 40 years old. I am slogging thru her fairly new book "Wonderstruck" where she helped me get a bearing on that 'joy source' There she talks about changing the "W" question from "Why" to "Who." She shares instead of pleading "Why God, did you allow this…" switch it and say, "OK, God, 'WHO' are you going to reveal yourself to me as in this hopeless place…" Joy Source: It's a "Who's Who" that dwell in your heart. It's not being in the inner circle but rather the circle of people (Father, Son, Holy Spirit included) whose joy dwells within (ner) us. I.E. if our "WHO'S" are grumpy grouches or cynical Sid's, good chance we won't be very joyful persons. But if persons (their spirit) who are essentially joyful reside within us, good chance we too will be joyful. It's a community osmosis thing.

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