The Ultimate Consumer… Surprize ! ?

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When one is pressed to name an ultimate consumer, who comes to mind…let's see, maybe Imelda Marcos and her shoe warehouse. Or those dudes at Enron chewing up telephone lineman's pensions/retirements to keep their jets fueled… How about me elbowing my way to grab the last piece of thin crust all meat Domino's before one of the more greedier ones beats me to it? OK, all wrong…I would go with Jesus… Huh ? OK, can't be…Jesus, the supreme model of self-sacrifice ? ? ? Yet, Jesus said, the works He did were merely the outworking of His Father living within Him. In other words, He knew His effectiveness came in proportion to His "Consumption" of His Father's Life within Him. While He travelled the dusty burro trails of Palestine, He stayed the Ultimate Consumer of His Father's Presence within Him.

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