This Isn’t Luther’s Reformation, But Pilates’

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My niece is a budding Pilate's Instructor. She put me thru a 60 minute intro to Pilate's workout. OK, I thought Boot Camp at Parris Island was intense (Oct. 76-Jan 77)! Holy Mole-y!! She needed an industrial shovel to get me off the Pilate's Mat. And Pilate's has its own language. And there is already a Reformation Movement to boot. (Ergo, the Pilate's Reformation style using a $1200 machine instead of 'a la natural' using the primitive "get-in-the-position-yourself" style!) Just noticed someone has come up w/ an exercise device (check infomercial on your IPad) called the Core Body Reformer. OK… how long will that last before it gets pushed under your bed and starts becoming a dust magnet? My question is..?? If a person doesn't have the focus and consistency to do the Pilate's movements without a contraption, why would getting a kooky gizmo w/ those re-coil bands and other NASA elements make any difference. Actually, I think I would be more discouraged trying to figure out how to change 5 different settings just so I could "plank" than simply "PLANKING!"

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