This Mule Had To Have Been a Descendant of Balaam’s Donkey!

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Don't know if you are familiar with the account of Balaam's Burro in Numbers 22:28 (any version of Bible will suffice here.) Anyway, the little donkey actually talked to his master in regard to the beating he was unjustly receiving. OK, fast forward to today,… just got news of Balaam's mule's great, great (times 150) grandson mule. Sadly, while wrestling the bucket at the farm well, he fell in and didn't talk, but did "hee-haw" so cacophoniously that the farmer rushed to attend the little donkey. Realizing he couldn't rescue the creature, he made the difficult decision to just simply bury his pack-mule with dirt. The well wasn't working anyway, so why not close it up and bury the animal at the same time. Shovels flying, dirt descending and after a couple of hours who should rise to the top of the well, but the good ole Baby Balaam Burro. It seemed that "smarts" just ran in his genes as he diligently stomped the descending dirt down as it fell around him and got a free ride up the tightly packed well fill. He may have even uttered "thanks" in Balaam-ese as he step out of the well opening to rejoin the work party.

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