To an Athlete Dying Young

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Today, I received some sad news. My buddy Doug passed away on Tuesday in Jamaica from a heart attack. Doug was a lot like me. Never met a stranger, unpredicatable and a big ole nut. He was a combination Rhett Butler, Johnny Carson and Biily Mays. He was truly born to sell! Talk about confidence! He was one of those rare guys who you place in the "Blue Chip – Double Platinum 'Buddy Pal' " class. Also, the kind that you can pick up yalls friendship within 10 minutes even with a 10 year gap. I'll really miss ole Doug. I hate it when the world loses one of its originals. Doug met the Lord during his involvement with Promise Keepers. I'm sure he is getting something started in heaven. Probably has St. Paul, Augustine, St. Francis, & Evil Kneivil (he too came to Christ late in the game!) already in his down line! Doug, I won't say R.I.P., cause "rest" wasn't your style.

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