Unlimited Resources Doesn’t Make One Smarter

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Are you kidding me? Just tried to take the Entrance Exam from 1912 to be able to attend Senior High School in Shepherdsville, KY. Go ahead and try it yourself…Go to www.nbc.news and type in "Take the Test" in the Search box. Not only would I have NOT gotten cleared to start the 9th Grade, but from my test results, I probably would have gotten demoted back to the 6th grade. Holy Moly, this mini "college board" was an absolute BEAST. Eight subjects (Spelling, Reading, Arithmetic, Grammer, Geography, Physiology [anatomy], Civil Government, and History) with about 10 questions in each. Today, we have almost the Library of Congress at our finger tips, but nevertheless I was embarrassed at how poorly I could actually "reason out" these 8th grade level questions. Move over LSATs and make room for a true test.

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