What If Your Street Address Was 6001 Drunkard Rd., Jetersville, VA ?

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Driving back home from Richmond on Highway 360, I happened to see the street sign for Drunkard Rd., in Jetersville, VA. HMMM? I don't know what kind of effect that might have on the residents. Or what do you think may have prompted the planning/zoning board to allow a street name like that to grace their fair community? I wonder what the history is on that road. Did one of the Jeters that the town was named after live there? Anyway, maybe there is some sanity to it all. After all, one of the strengths of Alcoholics Anonymous is the raw transparency in the meetings. Participants in the program introduce themselves as "hi, I'm Sam (or Samantha) and I'm an alcoholic." So maybe there is some of that going on down Drunkard Lane. For me, if I was "on the wagon" I'd probably have to change my location to an address like "Abstinent Avenue" or "Dry Drive."

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