When Bad Intentions Are Life Savers

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In the 1997 wilderness thriller "The Edge," trusting billionaire Charles Morse, played by Anthony Hopkins, was able to reconcile the tragedies and dark designs surrounding his escape from the Yukon because it forced him to take stock of his otherwise "jet-stream" life. Not only did he own a 10 seater jet, but he was also married to gold-digger Elle MacPherson. After surviving the small sea plane crash, grumpy camping partners, a man-eating grizzly and then a friend's plot to kill him, Morse was jettisoned to his senses to discover that he had bought the lie of trying to find happiness in externals. Climbing out of the rescue helicopter, he was approached by a news reporter who asked him about the others who perished. Morse fragily and contritely honored the dead by stating that "they died saving my life" That's finding the scarlet thread (or steel cable) of redemption buried in one's circumstances, no matter how gruesome.

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