Whenever You Are Near, “I Hear a Symphony,” So What?

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Diana Ross and the Supremes released hit song "I Hear a Symphony" in 1966. What they failed to mention was if the orchestra of this fellow walking their way was in tune or not. Everybody's "person" is a symphony of sorts. In other words, no person is just a simple kettle drum or oboe personality, but we are all a collection of moods, histories, environments, strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the time of day, someone's string section may be the vanguard, while another's drum section may be dominating. The obvious secret is taking all of our personality instruments and harmonizing them so as to produce enchantment instead of cacophony (i.e. when rap fuses with heavy metal…) Being able to "conduct" this assembly of 96 sounds is a full time job. Likewise, not only did Diana skip over the sound of her hunk's symphony, she also omitted how many members of her own orchestra were sick or missing that day as well. That's a whole 'nother dynamic…i.e. when trying to meld my symphony with yours…

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