Where the Wild Things Still Are

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Maurice Sendak wrote the children's book and Caldecott Medal winner "Where the Wild Things Are" in 1963. It remains popular and was even made into a movie in 2009. Few know that Sendak's family was from Poland and many of those who didn't immigrate were killed in the Holocaust. There is a "wildness" to life, dare I say, a jungle violent "wildness" to life. For me, it doesn't take much for this "edgy wildness" to start throwing me "out of square" or "out of plumb." My usual tendency is to go "BLAME WILD" (i.e. blaming the cat, national debt, society,the Tar Heels, anything…) Yet, when I come back down to earth (or out of the jungle) I realize I have a choice to my reactions. Blaming and sulking has never helped me. But seeking community, practicing faith, processing in healthy ways, patience, and owning my side of the street (or jungle) do…

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