Why Presuppose When You Can Just Suppose?

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Spurred on by mention of Malcolm Gladwell (Tipping Point, Outliers, Blink,) over the sweet potato casserole yesterday, it was a coup that CSPAN 2 featured him last nite in a talk he gave in Philadelphia. One of Malcolm’s subtle strategies is his keen skill at crafting an argument thru the force of an enchanting story. He is what one may classify as a “rhetorical storyteller,” which is really cool. But as one comes under Gladwell’s spell you start to see those hidden iceberg monstrosities lurking beneath the frigid waters. The quaint thing about Mr. Gladwell’s tact is that it exposes all of our so-called hideous efforts at manipulation thru whatever means we can seize at the moment. Classic seasonal example; yesterday’s dessert calorie and processed sugar intake…Fact: the third trip to kitchen counter is unhealthy and will later feel uncomfortable. Our Spin Doctoring: Well, I don’t want to make the person who brought the Chocolate Éclair Cake feel unappreciated, or Thanksgiving comes once a year, so I can push the limit, or "don't be so hard on yourself, loosen up." Anyway, we are all little Malcolm Gladwells when we know better and don't want to deal with it. A supposition is the little white lie we embellish so we can convince ourselves and others of something that benefits the "supposer."

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