With Alligators, It’s “Smarter Not Harder.”

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Reading today about folks in Louisiana who grew around alligators and have learned how to swim with them. Crazy, of course for us who aren't surrounded by thousands of miles of swamp land. Yet, alligator sport (wrestling, swimming, catching) is a 150 year old tradition in Cajun Country. The key strategy in dealin' with gators is not getting too macho. The average alligator weighs about 800 pounds which is like trying to manhandle close to 3 refridgerators at once. Anyway, for some reason, if you can calmly get close enough and place your hand under his bottom jaw, this helps to settle him down. As for me, I'd just as soon do one of those "mud run-obstacle course" events instead of starring down a 12 ft gator to check my testosterone level.

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