Wow, What a Surprize…Somebody’s On Their I-Phone!

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I wonder what the gang in Mayberry would think?. . . I-Phone I-Phone, who's got the I-Phone? Answer; anything that has a heartbeat. Come on, folks…is there life on planet earth anymore? I am cruising Tanger Outlet off I-40 and lo and behold, the fellow running the Ben & Jerry's cream kiosk is comfortably parked in a chair next to the kiosk totally immersed in his I-Phone. I wonder how his sales are doing. I hated to interrupt him to get some Moose Tracks. Entering Bur-Mil Park for a run this morning, one of the Day Camp/ Mother's Day out programs saw its fearless asst. team leader escorting a small pack of 6-9 year olds past the driving range. Don't know if she was watching her charges as she was, of course, too busy checking her I-Phone while she was walking. Can't wait for the You tube video to go viral that shows the minister having to interrupt the groom during the vow ceremony as the newlywed forget where he was at 'cause he was looking at his ESPN app on his I-Phone!

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