Yet, Upon Closer Look…??

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What a treat to be able to jog thru a quaint, rustic, "country mill themed" townhouse development in Atlanta this past weekend. The whole lay out oozed with charm from the gristmill made out of that washed out stone architecture. It was a gated community with stone pillars and the works. But as I jogged into the joint (the exit gate opened when a car left) the charm started leaving as well. The huge iron fence next to the pool that had been knocked over by a storm had not been attended too. Noticed one of the big fuse boxes had fallen off the side of one of the buildings and was still dangling catty wampus. The Hansel and Gretel foot bridges were rotting out waiting for someone to fall thru. PVC pipes of various sizes laying next to a gate as if they were still waiting to be dealt with. HUH???? In other words, wait until the complaining reaches a certain level before we throw money at it. Sadly, most of the time its too late.

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