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A native “Tar Heel” of North Carolina, Guy’s own trek has been an interesting “REALLY?!” After 4 years in the Marines, he spent the next three on an avocado farm in Southern California. Apart from two stints in the textile industry and a couple in the construction, he has always enjoyed writing. Finding success in reading the Bible from start to finish with extra help, he thought he could help others get the knack of reading the Word all-the-way thru. He and his wife Becky reside in Summerfield, NC along with their two daughters, Stacey and Meredith.

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4 Words That Changed My Life

Driving home from BB&T this morning I was moved by the little billboard/message board in front of the Moravian Church on Old Oak Ridge Rd. Just 4 words…and it was a major game changer for me…

Finally, "Spiritual Enlightenment!", But I Still Need an Altoid!

Everybody is working on their spiritual side. Tim Freke is an English chap who calls himself a stand-up philosopher. He is the author of a couple dozen books on spirituality. His current one is called

What the Container Store's Success Means

Just returned from my last trip to the landfill yesterday where I have become a familiar face over the last several weeks. Anyone with a 1979 Ford pick-up becomes a magnet when friends are relocating

Why Presuppose When You Can Just Suppose?

Spurred on by mention of Malcolm Gladwell (Tipping Point, Outliers, Blink,) over the sweet potato casserole yesterday, it was a coup that CSPAN 2 featured him last nite in a talk he gave in Philadelph